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Are you fed up with short rides with long driving ranges and underestimated prices?

Do you want to receive offers from customers and decide what you will accept and for what price?

You will be paid immediately for a minimum fixed price right after the ride ends.

We will connect you and you will agree on the price together.


Do not waste time and be online and get ThoucCoins today!

For every hour online, you will receive from us as a thank you for the activity of ThoucCoins ffr free.

thouc coin


It is a virtual currency that the provider buys in the application or can get them for free for the activity.

It serves as payment for services provided by the application.

1 ThoucCoin = 0,05 €
sum Up

Are you a professional driver and want to increase your efficiency?

Thouc to the link and order through our SumUp terminal page and gain new customers who want to pay by card.

Tip for you

When ordering a SumUp terminal through our website, you will receive a gift from us in the form of ThoucCoins.

Do not have a Thouc account yet? Register easily via the application.